Membership - DPAAS
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Qualification Requirements

  • Currently employed or retired from the federal sector involved in defense planning, systems analysis, capabilities based analysis, and other related disciplines and functional areas.
  • Performing integrated program development, technology planning, system planning, mission area planning, planning tool development and applications, modeling and simulation or are a member of a related Integrated Product Team (IPT).
  • Affiliated with the Government, Private Sector or Academia.
  • Involved in any of the items above as an expert, a journeyman or a beginner.

Benefits of Membership

  • Become part of the larger community of Defense Planning and Analysis advocates
  • Network with a select group of government and industry experts
  • Gain access to a vast wealth of historical knowledge and insight into future initiatives
  • Learn from monthly speaking forums about new capabilities development and sustainment
  • Get expert advice on process improvements for Defense Planning and Analysis
  • Reduced individual/corporate fee for monthly networking meetings and workshops
  • Member-only access on our Web site to informational and presentation materials
  • Corporate recognition at DPAAS meetings and on the DPAAS Web site

Membership Pricing

Individual Memberships

    • Government/Military/University — $50
    • Industry/Consultants — $75
    • Retired — $40


Corporate/Organization Memberships

  • $200 — all company employees are members

Membership Application